Better leader

Better Organization!

We partner and journey with leaders to help unlock their full potential to be their best!  

What is holding you back?


There are many constraints that prevent us from being the leader we are designed to be.


We partner together to help in two keys areas:

+identify and remove internal and external constraints that unlock your potential.

+arm you with tools and frameworks to lead yourself and others to a higher level.

We want to see your potential unlocked...

  • Really know who you are

  • Identify strengths & constraints

  • Learn to lead out of your strengths

  • Lead in a way that propels people in your program

  • Lead others and yourself at an elite level


Tim Corbin

Tim Corbin

Head Baseball Coach || Vanderbilt University

It is a "class" that I look forward to taking every month and I am motivated further by the energy that is stimulated on that call.

Kevin Hambly

Kevin Hambly

Head Volleyball Coach || Stanford University 

My experience with the cohort has been one of the most transformative experiences of my coaching career. 


Ian McCaw

Athletic Director || Liberty University 

Travis challenges and equips leaders in vital areas ranging from self-awareness to building trust to building transformational relationships. If you are interested in personal, professional and spiritual growth, Kingdom Coaching and Travis is for you.

Dave Esquer

Dave Esquer

Head Baseball Coach || Stanford University 

What an incredible experience I had in Travis Wyckoff’s coaches cohort!

One on one    

By acting as a thought partner, sounding board and perspective enhancer, we team up to discover the things holding you back from being your best.                                                                                         

Tribe Membership

No change happens without consistent effort. This is a group of like-minded coaches who desire to transform and grow their leadership. 

Staff Coaching

We collaborate to remove any barriers that you and your staff are facing and aim to unlock everyone's potential.                                  


Cohorts are groups of like-minded people (coaches, AD's, business executives, educators) learning and growing in community.  

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