Transform your leadership

I assist leaders in creating an environment where people thrive and flourish (culture). I do this by helping them identify strengths & remove constraints.

Do you have an elite environment in your program? Are your constraints holding you back?


Because of being emotionally invested, coaches can lose perspective.


This can cause coaches to be unaware of the constraints holding them back. 


Can cause doubt on how to grow out of those constraints they know are holding them back.


Because of this...


Coaches can often feel ill-equipped to lead.


We believe every coach should have someone on their side!

We Believe everyone needs someone to help them...

  • Create an elite environment in their program

  • Identify strengths & constraints

  • Learn to lead out of strengths

  • Strategize to remove constraints

  • Get an outside perspective

I've Been There

I understand how it can feel to be unaware of my true strengths, struggling with constraints, and struggling to build an environment where people can thrive. This combination can leave coaches feeling unsure if they have the tools and perspective they need to win and be successful in all aspects of life. 

After coaching at the college level for 11 years and spending the last four yearsworking with and interviewing elite coaches and leaders, I’ve developed the tools, strategies, and skills to help coaches identify and remove constraints to become better leaders and win in all areas.


Tim Corbin

Tim Corbin

Head Baseball Coach || Vanderbilt University

My inclusion with the Auxano Cohort has been, and continues to be, one of my most favorite moments of being a teacher. To be involved with other teachers/coaches who have such a high passion for learning and teaching, and are willing to share their personal thoughts is better than any book that I could ever read. It is a "class" that I look forward to taking every month and I am motivated further by the energy that is stimulated on that call. I am greatly indebted to Travis... his care level for this project is over the top...I am so appreciative.

Kevin Hambly

Kevin Hambly

Head Volleyball Coach || Stanford University 

My experience with the cohort has been one of the most transformative experiences of my coaching career. Travis did a fantastic job of getting the most out of us through impactful conversations, great questions, and creating a safe space where we could all be vulnerable. There are few places in this day and age where coaches can get out of their silos and learn. Thanks to Travis, we all found a space!

One on one

After assessing your leadership and program, I work with you to find and eliminate your constraints so that you become a more effective leader in creating the right environment that leads to breakthrough in your program.

Tribe Membership

No change happens without consistent effort. This is a group of like-minded coaches who desire to transform and grow their leadership. Through monthly teachings and discussions we help level up and develop your leadership. Who you choose to surround yourself will impact who you are becoming... so choose your tribe wisely!

Staff Coaching

We'll do an assessment to measure how aligned your staff is and diagnose your top constraints. Then we target growth areas that will improve the environment of your program, which leads to breakthrough.


I run two types of cohorts. One is for head coaches/AD's and the other is for assistant coaches/sr. level AD's. There is no better place to get developed, equipped, and encouraged than in a group of like-minded leaders. Join a cohort to take your leadership to the next level.

Master The Skills in the Leadership Triad That Bring Personal Transformation & Elite Performance 

Leading Self

Leading Others

Leading Programs

Let's Get to Work

1. Assess

We’ll dive deep to assess your program and personal leadership to locate the constraints that are holding you and your program back. 


2. Align/Improve

We’ll work together to remove those constraints that are holding you back.  


3. Achieve

Experience new break-throughs and wins in all aspects of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I need coaching? We believe every coach should have someone on their side and everyone can benefit from an outside perspective to help them transform and improve how they lead. Set up a call to find out how we can level up your coaching. 

How much is the investment? We have multiple programs to help you improve your coaching and personal life. We believe that to see growth, you will have to make an investment of some kind. Schedule a call to find out a path and plan that works for you.


What can I expect from working with Travis? Questions, questions, and more questions. One superpower of growth are questions. "The person doing the talking is doing the learning."

I desire to grow and work with someone that can foster that, but how do I know what areas to target? Click Here to read about what areas to target 

What is the profile of a typical client?
 Click Here to read about the profiles.

What does working with Travis look like practically? Each coach is different so we customize all of our plans to fit the needs of each coach. If working one on one with Travis, meetings are either in person or via Zoom and occur usually every other week.