Why Do We Often Wait Until The Funeral?

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Why Do We Often Wait Until The Funeral?

Why is it that we often wait until after someone passes away that we eulogize them?

Very few people will communicate how much they respect, admire, and love another living person.

I want to challenge you to do that… and I’ll make it easy for you.

Forward this email to someone who means a lot to you.

Tell this person that this email got you thinking about those you love, admire and respect, and wanted to share that now.

Here are a few tips to encourage or affirm someone:


  • Be specific. Don’t say “You are a really good friend to me.” Give them specifics. Put some thought into this. Don’t just throw a quick compliment at them. The more specific and nuanced the more meaningful.
  • Don’t flatter. This is worse than not giving any encouragement.
  • Make it a habit in your life. Don’t just do it today. Spend time every month thinking about those in your life who you love, admire, and respect and tell them.
    • Who’s been a good friend?
    • Who played a pivotal role in you getting to where you are?
    • Who’s advice has been invaluable?
    • Who did something for you that has had massive implications?
  • You can call them, tell them in person, or write a letter.

And I end with this encouragement: Our world seems more divisive than at any point in our history. I actually think kind and encouraging words might be more impactful now than ever.


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