What happens when a strength gets overplayed?

Gold=strengths || Shadow=strengths overplayed that turn to weaknesses

Every person has shadows to their gold. Often times, our shadows do more damage than our gold does good.

By recognizing our shadows we can take action to avoid our shadows hurting our leadership.

I used to have a pattern of zero reflection and all ‘doing’. My gold was I could get stuff done. My shadow was my thinking could get stagnant and get stuck in ruts which caused my growth and creativity and problem solving to become stagnant.

So I have learned to reflect and slow down more. I create space in my days/weeks to sit and think deeply about topics. I will still get into ‘do’ mode, but I am much better at slowing down to reflect and think. My clarity and creativity has dramatically increased without hurting my productivity.

Some other shadows of our gold to be aware of:
+ High relational people can struggle with holding others accountable
+ High achievers can struggle with being authentic.
+ Task-oriented people can struggle with engaging and developing people.
+ Highly emotional people can struggle with low self-control
+ High directive can also be highly abrasive
+ Highly detailed people can struggle because they can get lost in details
+ Laidback people can struggle with accepting lower work rate and quality.
+ Critical people can struggle with coming across as “nothing is ever good enough”. (I’m referring to a healthy criticality. The kind that allows you to see errors and how things can be improved.)
+ High motor people can come across as not having time for others.

These are just a few examples.

To be the best leader possible, you must know your gold AND know your shadows!

Then take action. Do whatever necessary to prevent your shadows from hurting or minimizing your leadership.


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