What does bench press have to do with leadership?

A coaching staff’s role is to develop each athlete in the program.

An AD’s role is to make sure his/her staff is developing and getting better.

Regardless of what industry you are in, developing people has to include high challenge and high support. In order for us (humans) to keep getting better, we must have a combination of these two things.  

High Challenge

You can’t encourage and support people to greatness. Development must include challenge.

Another way to frame challenge is with the word ‘tension’.

In regards to weight lifting… it is impossible to get big and strong if there is too little tension (challenge). It is also impossible to get big and strong if there is too much tension.

One is too light, the other caves in your chest.

The art in leadership is knowing when and how much tension to apply. Some athletes need you to remove some tension so they can perform..because they put enough tension on themselves.

Some athletes need tension applied so they can perform. 


As a leader navigates how much tension is necessary, leaders must always be supporting.

It is vital, as a leader, that your people know you are for them and believe in them. People will not achieve at their highest level apart from support…ie. someone believing in them!

Call your people to something higher and greater. Then challenge and support them to reach new heights!

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