We all think we keep things simple, but do we? Focus on less to be great!

Focus on less to be great. Or to put it another way, do less better.

As a leader, it can be tempting to want your program/team to excel in many areas.

So you come up with a list of things that you want to stress, work on, talk about, drill, and grow in. I don’t know what the number is but the number of things we can stress and truly make a priority is smaller than we think. 

Prioritize the three things you want to be great in. Be radically focused and relentless on those things to be truly great.

PS. The elite leaders seem to focus on a few things but in the process, are also good at the ancillary things too.


*One of my weekly disciplines is scouring the internet for articles that I can learn from and/or I can use with those I work with. I am going to start sharing several of these articles every week.

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