Three areas to focus on when developing your staff.

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There are three building blocks to an elite staff. Expectations, Management and Development.

Cultural expectations and job responsibility expectations.

Management is about the person and the process.

And development is about each staff member’s growth.


It is important to bring clarity to both the culture that you want and the responsibilities each staff member has. You will also need to define what is the ‘big win’ for your staff. They need to know what specifics you are grading them on.

One leader told me his number one expectation of each staff member is to carry the culture. A staff member could actually be a really good coach, but if they won’t carry the culture, they will not be a good fit.


Management is important to keep relationships good and to keep people pointed in the right direction. If relationships are not strong on a staff, the whole program will feel it. If each staff member doesn’t get recalibrated from time to time, they will look up in a month or two and be way off course.


Finally, the better the individual staff members are,  the better your program is. Develop your people.

Think of your staff as a stool with three legs. If one of these is shorter than the others or is not sturdy, the stool tips. Same thing with your staff. If one of these is weak, your whole program suffers.

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Travis Wyckoff

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