This is not just for kids…it is for adults too!

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Leaders give themselves and their program/organization an advantage when they manage and lead their staff at a high level.

Today I want to talk about one objection that shows itself in two forms.

The objection is simply “They’re adults.” I have heard it several times over the last two weeks.

There are two sides to the “They’re Adults” coin.

“I shouldn’t have to develop, equip, care for, or challenge my assistants because they are adults.”

Then after saying the above statement, they add “No one is developing, equipping, caring for or challenging me!”

And to that, I would say “You actually need that.”

I think we are prideful and arrogant to think we don’t need to be equipped, developed, challenged, and encouraged. ALL OF US.

Your assistant coaches need those things. I don’t care if they are 22 or 62, they need equipped, cared for, and challenged.

The better they are… the sharper they are… the better your program will be.

“It is hard for me to do those things with my assistants. I can do that with my student-athletes but I am not comfortable challenging, holding accountable, or equipping my staff.”

Again, adults need this. I totally get that it can be hard to challenge or equip or hold a peer accountable but it has to be done. Leaders lead.

If an assistant has a problem with you when you do any of the above, that is a ‘them’ problem and not a ‘you’ problem. And that has to be addressed immediately.

Chances are, there is pride or insecurity if they are unwilling to be led.

If you are unwilling to lead them, chances are there is some fear of man or an unhealthy desire to be liked.

I want to say this again… LEADERS LEAD. You might not be liked for a couple of days when you challenge or hold them accountable. They might even get offended when you try to equip and resource them but they need it. We all do!


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