There Is Not A More Important Time For Focus and Tight Filters

Leaders often give lip service to the idea of focusing on only what you can control. But in reality, many struggle with it.

The constant news cycle bombarding all of us with information, news, and negativity impacts us.

Now more than ever, it is important for leaders to have a tight filter on their input. The filter should weed out all the information that doesn’t propel you forward and lift you up.

Do an input audit over the next week. Remove all input that takes your eyes off what is important. If it doesn’t add value to you and move you forward, you don’t need it. It is easier to remove it now than to daily wrestle with it.

As news came out last week of the cancellations of DII & DIII fall sports championships, I felt for the coaches and athletes that are affected.

I know it is a tough pill to swallow.

I also know that if any group of people can rebound and keep going, its coaches. Seriously, I don’t say that flippantly. Coaches are freakin tough.

A coach might be in the tank for a day or two, which is totally okay, but the coaches I know won’t stay in the tank.

The biggest mistake leaders will make during this period of time is to be consumed and focus on things out of their control. It will rob you of energy, motivation, care for people, suck the life out of you and turn you inward on yourself.

Questions to consider
– Do I find myself dwelling on problems and glancing at solutions or glancing at problems and dwelling on solutions?
– Do I think more about the problems and issues during these times or more about the opportunities and possibilities?
– In all of this craziness, what could be possible positives that come from this?

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Travis Wyckoff

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