The weird way we deal with imposter syndrome

We have this weird internal dynamic going on in our minds. When we say it out loud, it makes no sense, but everyone I know (including me!) does it.

On one hand, we are self-critical, often beating ourselves up internally. We can be insecure and doubt ourselves.

On the other hand, we are constantly looking for and coming up with ways that we are better than others. We can be critical of others, finding faults in how they do things.

This cycle starts with our own insecurity. Then in an attempt to feel better about ourselves, we find faults in others.

Dealing with our insecurities or impostor syndrome by looking outward will never help us overcome what plagues us internally.


*One of my weekly disciplines is scouring the internet for articles that I can learn from and/or I can use with those I work with. I am going to start sharing several of these articles every week.

Article 1– The key to building trust

Article 2– Becoming a ‘gardner’ leader/coach


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