The way to be truly free… so that you can truly live!

Clinging to things prevents us from truly living. When things or people are ‘gotta have’ and not just ‘would like to have’ we stop being free. When a good desire becomes an ultimate desire, we cease to be able to truly live.

What are those things that you cling so tightly to you strangle the life out of it and yourself?

– I have to win a championship.

– I have to be a D1 head coach.

– I have to lead a D1 athletic department.

– I have to show people I am an elite leader.

– I have to prove I can win multiple championships.

I could keep going.

Clinging tightly to these things will inevitably cause you to lead out of fear and to squeeze the life out of those you are leading.

Fear is like fire…it can warm people up but it also can burn down the house. Fear can get us going. It can even motivate us. But if fear not only gets you going but also keeps you going, it will not be healthy…for you or those around you. It will eventually burn the house down.

So how do we coach and lead fearlessly? One way to do this is to not cling too tightly. Let these things go. Is it bad to want to win a championship? No. Is it bad to make a championship the ultimate in your life? Yes.

When we stop clinging, we literally are able to truly ‘live’. If you don’t ‘have’ to have anything, then you can live your life as if you don’t have anything to lose…which you don’t.

How do we combat clinging?

First off, be aware of what you are clinging to. Be aware of why you are clinging to the things you are clinging to. That is the start. Just be aware.

Secondly, be aware of what clinging does to you internally. How anxious are you? How stressed? How angry? How depressed are you?

And thirdly, be aware of how the internal affects the external. Or to put it another way, how do you treat people when you cling tightly to someone or something? Do you get manipulative? Do you use others for your gain? Do you treat those who can help you differently than those who can’t help you? Are you constantly edgy with those around you?

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