The Surest Way To Drive Execution and Gain Trust In Your Program

There is a line of questions that leaders should be asking themselves weekly and maybe even daily:

As a leader, am I clear on who I am, what my purpose is, what my values, expectations, and strategies are, and am I bringing clarity to those I lead? 

A leader who brings clarity creates an environment where people know what to do and what is expected of them. This will allow for efficiency, speed, and execution and maybe most importantly, it helps create trust.

A lack of clarity creates chaos, inefficiency, lag, and little execution. A lack of clarity will cause damage to your program. It will slowly erode any trust that you have built up.

Clarity creates a level of safety. Even if they don’t like the expectations or marching orders, people want to know… to have clarity. Rarely will people follow a leader who is vague, confusing, or lacks vision.

Several years ago, Disneyland was receiving major complaints about the long lines. They put their smartest people together to try to figure out how to create a better experience for people. After much deliberation, they decided the best thing to do was to put signs along the path of the lines telling the park goers how long the wait until they reach the front of the line.

An amazing thing happened. The complaints they received were sliced in half.

They didn’t decrease the wait in line. They didn’t come up with any sort of distractions while people waited. They simply told them how much longer they had until they could enjoy the ride. They gave them clarity of what to expect!

If you do one thing this week, bring clarity to the people in your program!

Some questions to consider:

-Do I, as the leader, know what I believe?
-Do I know what my purpose is?
-Do I know what is important to me?
-Do I know what I expect from others?
-Do I know what a ‘right fit’ looks like? (kind of people I want to hire and recruit)
-Do I know how to get from A to Z?
-Does my staff know what I expect of them?
-Does my staff know what is important to me?
-Do the student-athletes know what the key behaviors and cultural values of our program are?
-Do the student-athletes know the expectations?
-Is all the above clearly and consistently communicated?


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