The Story That Proved To Me Why It Is So Important To Ask Questions


  • Wise people ask more questions than unwise.
  • Questions don’t signal ignorance, they signal intelligence.
  • The better the questions you ask, the better answers you will get.
  • Sometimes in order to get to the right question (which will get you to the right answer), you have to ask a lot of questions.
  • When in doubt, ask questions.

Two Speakers and some lapel mic’s

One day my boss (at the time) and I were out to lunch with a church planter. He had planted his church two years prior. It was stalled out with only a handful of congregants.

We had small talk for much of the lunch then about halfway through lunch we asked him “What can we do to help.”

His answer…”we need two speakers and some lapel mic’s”.

We left that meeting discouraged. Two speakers and a lapel mic is not what he needed.

He needed to figure out how to develop leaders consistently. He needed someone to help him set up better structures and create better systems in his church. He needed someone to walk with him or coach him to help see around corners/anticipate issues before they become big issues.

He needed a lot of things but two speakers and a lapel were of the lowest necessity.

Here is how that should’ve played out. After us asking how we can help he should’ve responded with a question to us (really to my boss… he is way smarter than me:) “What do you guys think I need?”

Not knowing what you really need won’t kill you. Not even being aware of the fact that you don’t know what you need…won’t derail you. But not asking questions will keep you from growing and being all you can be.

There is never a bad time to ask questions. One of the best questions is “What question should I be asking right now that I am not?”

And remember…

Wise people ask more questions than unwise.

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