The Story of Beginnings

I coached college baseball for 11 years… to vary degrees of success. Some years were really good, some were really bad… and everywhere in between.

After I got out of coaching, that is a whole other story in itself, I spent six years on a church staff. Those six years were the greatest growth years of my life. I worked for a guy named Rodney Hobbs and he developed me in areas that I had never been developed in before.

Self-awareness, winning influence, leading people without a paycheck, vision casting, having hard conversations, running effective meetings, time management, energy management, on and on I could go. And at times he was just a great, wise sounding board.

I never had in coaching what I had in ministry.

After six years of ministry, I felt led to start a consulting business working with coaches called Kingdom Coaching. I wanted to be a massive value add to college coaches like Rodney Hobbs was to me.

The way the college sports are set up, it is really really hard for a head coach or an AD to do what Rodney Hobbs did in my life.

Knowing the landscape of college athletic departments, I came to realize that in most situations, it takes an outside person with the singular focus to help develop, resource and equip coaches.

And so I want to be that person. I have a laser-like focus on developing, equipping, and resourcing college coaches. I am convinced everyone needs their Rodney Hobbs.

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Travis Wyckoff

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