The Kids These Days Won’t Buy In!

“They won’t buy in!”

I hear that statement a lot.

It is usually used to degrade the athletes. However, it is more of an indictment on the leader, not the athletes.

Instead of complaining they won’t buy-in, give them something worth buying into.

Kids have not changed!

Sure they have more distractions than ever before. They are wrestling with things that coaches did not have to.

How they communicate has changed. How they perceive the world has changed. How they respond to demeaning coaches has changed.

But at the core, kids still want to be held accountable. They will still respond to someone who inspires, cares for, encourages, and challenges them.

Will all of them be this way? No! But not all kids were this way in the ’60s, ’70’s ’80’s or ’90’s.

Stop saying kids have changed. Stop saying they just won’t buy-in.

The vibe and energy a coach/leader gives off when they believe that their people won’t buy in actually prevents any buy-in from happening.

People feel when you have given up on them or criticize them. People feel the cynicism that is directed at them. No one wants to buy into a leader who gives of this energy.

Change your energy, mindset, and approach. Kids will buy in!

If you absolutely believe that they will not buy in… shoot me an email and I will connect you with coaches at all levels that are having big success on the field/court, and are seeing their athletes, both men and women, buy-in!

Give them something special to buy into… and I promise, most will passionately buy-in.

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Travis Wyckoff

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