The Importance of Reflection

The Importance of Reflection

This statement has┬áprofoundly impacted me, “We learn from the reflection of the experience, not just the experience.”

Reflection is a critical step of learning. When we think about the ‘learning process’, we often just focus on the experience.

In general, the steps in the learning process are:


The experiences that I am talking about include reading, listening to a podcast, going to a conference, taking your athletes through a practice, or coaching in a game.

In my experience, the only one of these experiences that get any reflection is after a game. All the others, rarely a thought goes into them once they are done.

Reflection is the most neglected part of the process. Great, progressive leaders reflect. They reflect about most everything.

Average leaders, just focus on the experience.

One simple way to grow your leadership is to start reflecting more. Bernie Holiday, mental skills coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates uses a 3-2-1 process for reflection with the baseball players in the Pirates organization.

Three things that went well.
Two things to improve on.
One big takeaway.

As a coach/leader, you can use 3-2-1 for yourself.

Or you can just start writing about the experience. If you’re listening to a podcast. Write about it.

If you just did an off-site retreat for your staff, write about it.

If you just got done with practice, write about it.

Regardless of what it looks like, take time to reflect.

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