The Happiness & Fulfillment Paradox

The Happiness & Fulfillment Paradox: 

Focusing too much on self will result in unhappiness and a lack of fulfillment.

There are two key ways to be happy and fulfilled.

1. focusing on others will result in happiness and fulfillment.

2. Growing, striving, and chasing a goal will result in happiness and fulfillment. (The goal is not the key thing. The pursuit of the goal is where the fulfillment comes.)

Happiness doesn’t come from chasing happiness, it comes from adding value to others and growing.

In the same way, fulfillment doesn’t come by striving to be fulfilled. It is a by-product of striving to serve, and add value to others… as well as striving for growth and a goal.

Where you focus determines your happiness and fulfillment.

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Travis Wyckoff

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