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Strength & Weakness


I had a conversation the other day with a good friend of mine talking about what wirings and giftings help coaches to be successful.

This conversation almost always adds value to me. I usually get a bit of insight that I didn’t have before.

In this particular conversation, we talked about one coach’s ability to take a ton of information and synthesize it down to the pieces and parts that fit his program.

We talked about a coach who sees things a little differently and often more clearly than others.

We talked about a coach who is the picture of consistency. Every day, all day, this guy shows up and doesn’t waver.

Then the topic turned to the other side of those gifts. There is always another side. The consistent guy can get stuck in his ways at times. The coach who sees differently might have trouble conveying and teaching what he sees.

As I have written before, we all have gold and we all have a shadow to that gold.

One way to figure out where your strengths are is to figure out where you are weak. Conversely, one way to figure out your weaknesses is to figure out your strengths.

Strength: focused and driven
Weakness: Demeaning and aloof

Strength: Great ability to connect with people
Weakness: People pleasing

Weakness: Unorganized
Strength: Creative and flexible

Weakness: Slow and methodical
Strength: Detailed and precise

The goal is to leverage your strengths and find a way for your weaknesses not to hurt you. 

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