Simple Steps To Becoming a Better Leader

Do you want to become a more clear thinking, creative, and consistent leader? One who stays out in front of issues and problems? One who avoids always getting caught off guard and being constantly reactionary to everyone and everything?

I’m guessing you do.

Let me share with you how.


Take out a pen and paper and write whatever comes to mind. Essentially a brain dump. For five minutes just let your mind wander where ever it wants to go.

If you think of an item you need to grab at the store, jot it down. Need to return an email, jot it down.

DO NOT GO DO THOSE THINGS. Just write them down.

No phone, no screen. Just you and your thoughts.

Now ask…”What is my biggest challenge right now?”

Now…Sit for 20-30 minutes. Don’t rush this exercise. Take your foot off the gas and just coast for 20-30 minutes. And just write.

Don’t try to ‘control’ your mind. Let your intuitive mind take over. Let your mind slow down. You might have some clarity on how to navigate your biggest challenge. Or you might have a thought about something totally different. Do not feel you have to control your thoughts.

Blaise Pascal said, “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

Your best ideas, your clearest thoughts will come during this time. Use this equation every day or at least multiple days a week.

Stop + Think + Think some more + Reflect + Adjust + Go = Clarity, creativity, & consistency!

Q: Why don’t we slow down more often?
A: We let the urgent overtake the important.

Deep thinking never feels or seems urgent. Returning an email, a text or a call feels urgent… and often important. Slowing down to think… never urgent and rarely feels important.

Schedule this into your day/week. It will never feel urgent so if you don’t schedule it, you might never get to it!

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