Principles of human development!

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Below are six human development principles that are necessary if you are trying to develop people (your own kids, athletes, coaches, teachers, etc.)

Calling out the gold in others.

This is telling a person what you see in them. For example…”I love the way you interact with your teammates, they really listen to you.” Or “I love to watch your preparation… I think it really inspires others to raise their preparation level.” This is not telling someone good job in a sport-specific skill…like “Good job getting back on defense”. It is more of an “I see this in you” type conversation.

High challenge and high support. 

One without the other creates unintended consequences. If you only challenge, people will feel used and not cared for. If you only support them, people will never reach their potential.

Running to the tension.

Hard conversations are hard…and only made harder when you avoid them. You can’t be an elite leader without being willing to have pointed, hard conversations. I love what Ryan McGuyre, Baylor volleyball coach, says “drama is conflict that has not been dealt with.”

Putting change in people’s pockets.

When you make consistent small investments into your people, you set yourself up for long-term buy-in. These small investments… like asking about a class or family, taking a moment to engage an athlete before practice, etc, make a massive difference over the long haul. Invariably, you will have to have a hard conversation, ask someone to do something really hard, or make a mistake. When this happens, the more investment that you have made in this person, the more they will buy-in.

Simplifying The Complex. 

People will get frustrated when things are unclear, ambiguous and not well defined. Leaders are prone to make things seem complex by our lack of clarity. If something is relatively simple and we can’t communicate it in a simple, clear, understandable way, we have zero chance of simplifying something complex.


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Learn it alls, not know it alls!
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