One Thing That Kills Clarity, Consistency, & Creativity

Over the last several weeks, I asked several coaches that I work with the question “What are you most afraid of?”


Here are some of the answers

  • I am afraid of losing games
  • I am afraid of losing my team
  • I am afraid that people on campus will think I can’t coach
  • I am afraid of that I will lose control and respect of my team and staff
  • I am afraid that my athletes will think I am powerless to lead them.


When it’s all said and done, we fear failure or not being enough. And any time we walk in fear, we are not good coaches.


Fear makes us snap, disengage, use people, manipulate people, inconsistent, try to control people, lose creativity, lose clarity, and just overall not be good leaders.


Once we are honest with ourselves about our fears, we can then move towards freedom.


Instead of coaching in fear, coach in faith and trust. Coach fearlessly. We are more powerful when we are not trying to control and manipulate those in our program.


We are better leaders when we are clear thinking, patient and controlled. Fear is a coach killer!

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Travis Wyckoff

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