One Simple Way To Communicate To Others ‘You Are Important’ and Win Influence

When was the last time you were with someone and they were totally present with you?

They were not looking at their phone, thinking about their next statement, or even worse, thinking about yesterday or tomorrow.

The Power of Being Present
How did you feel when you were with that person? I’m guessing it felt good. Maybe even a little nerve-racking because you are so used to being with people who are not really ‘with’ you. So when someone is ‘present’ with you, it can be super powerful!

You might be asking “Why does this matter?”

Coaching/leadership is first and foremost a people business. He/she who is best with people usually come out on top.

Do you want to convey to people that you actually care for them? Do you want to win influence with your staff? Athletes? Recruits? Co-workers?

If so, then be present with them.

Being present is like digging a ditch; simple yet hard. It’s not complicated, but it is really hard to do.

The Macro and Micro
Many seasoned coaches will give advice to younger coaches about being where your feet are. This advice is the macro level of being present. This necessary advice is about being present in your current job and not always thinking about the next job.

What I am advocating here is the micro version of this advice. Not only be present in your current job/role but actually be present with the people who you are around now. In other words… be where your feet are… not where they just came from or where they are headed tonight or tomorrow.

Challenge: This week make an effort to be present with everyone you are with. This will force you to create stronger boundaries with your time. Instead of operating in a grey area of sort of working and sort of communicating with people, you will at times need to shut your door so you can do some intentional, deep work but when you are with someone, really be with them! Put your phone away and close or turn away from your computer and give them your attention.


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