My Journey of Learning With Kingdom Coaching & Coaching DNA

My Journey

I started Kingdom Coaching three and a half years ago and wanted to write about what I am learning.

Although this will be a different type of email than my normal weekly email, I hope this adds value to you.

In 2017 I had a deep sense that I was supposed to work with coaches. Without diving deep into my faith, I just knew that I knew that this is the journey I was supposed to go on.

I have been able to work with the best coaches in America. Some you have heard of, many that you have not.

I also started a podcast in 2019 (Coaching DNA Podcast) and have now released a podcast for 84 straight weeks. I have had a wide range of coaches on… from Aaron Boone, manager of the Yankees to Mitch Barnhart, AD at Kentucky to Amber Warners, volleyball coach at D3 Calvin College (her podcast is a must listen!)

There are weeks where I loath editing and preparing the podcast for release. But I get an absolute adrenaline rush when I record with a coach or AD (or anyone for that matter).

I have told myself that I will do this for three years and then see if it is still something I am called to. If I had to guess, I’d say I will continue to do this. The adrenaline rush outweighs the administrative duties.

Kingdom Coaching

Starting your own consulting business (or any business) is really hard. There are things that come naturally to me and some things that are like pulling teeth.

Richard Kanter, who is an agent for baseball coaches, gave me a book almost a year ago that gave good language to what I was feeling. The book, The E-Myth Revisited, talked about when someone starts a business it is usually because they are a good technician. Meaning… they are good with cars so they open up an auto shop, or they love to bake and are good at it so they open up a bakery.

I love to work with, develop, and pour into coaches. However, starting a business is more than just being a good technician. There is a business side, a marketing and promotions side, and an entrepreneur side that requires vision.


I have learned a lot… and most of it by failing, getting back up, trying something else, rinse and repeat.

Here are some of my ‘not so finer moments’: I held a gathering for coaches several years ago and one person signed up. I offered some Zoom hangouts two years ago and again one person hopped on the call, never even turned his camera on, and left the call in about 40 seconds:) I have “launched” some other groups that never got off the ground… meaning no one signed up for them! I have had countless (over 100) emails not returned.

All of these caused me to question and doubt myself and if I am where I am supposed to be. But I keep pressing on!


The fact I am writing this email and am still working with coaches would mean I have had some successes. I have worked one on one with some amazing coaches. I am currently running two cohorts. One cohort with assistant coaches who are freakin studs! And another cohort is with head coaches who are the top coaches in their sport… and maybe in all of sports. These guys are the elite of the elite. I also have several one on one coaching clients and they too are all awesome.

What I have learned

Here are some things that I have learned over the last three-plus years.

– Starting a business is hard

-The hardest part is psychological. To get up every day, regardless of what happened the day before or what the future looks like, with great energy and faith is a must. This requires that I don’t listen to myself but rather talk to myself. I have to speak truth, encouragement, and toughness to myself every day. (A lot like a coach has to do!).

-I also have to be brutally honest with myself. I can’t just pump sunshine when I have to make adjustments.

-When I started this in 2017 I thought that it might take 6 months before I was completely booked with clients…and maybe a waiting list. Well… it didn’t work out that way. Charting a new path takes perseverance, psychological toughness, and confronting the brutal facts (Jim Collins)… also known as Stockdale Paradox.

-My input determines my output. If I read and listen to content that sharpens me and if I talk to people who sharpen me and make me better, I will be better for the coaches who I work with. If I intake crud, I will produce crud. My output is determined by my input.

-So… I have to be disciplined daily to input healthy content.

-I have to play the long game. It is so tempting to play the short game. The short game is doing something that might produce small results now but won’t amount to much in the future. Or it is doing something that is not what I am called to for the sake of just activity. The long game is doing things now that will produce bigger results in the future.

-I have to keep my focus on being great today but also focus on what needs to be done for the future. That balance has become easier but is still tricky.

-Compound interest – If I will do something today for 10-20 minutes that grows and sharpens me… and I do that everyday… I will reap the benefits of compounding growth in my ability to add value to coaches. If I prepare diligently for a meeting and then thoughtfully reflect afterward and I do this enough, this will compound over time! If I read, listen to, and watch content that propels me forward, and I do this daily, at some point compound interest in growth will kick in! Warren Buffet said compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.

-I need help. It bothers me when someone says “I came from nothing, grinded day after day, figured it out along the way, and now I have made it… all from nothing!” I am so acutely aware that I need people to help me… and for the most part, people are totally wanting and willing to help where they can.

-The biggest obstacle is fear… fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of what others think, fear of…you name it. When I walk in fear, I am a poor coach, businessman, entrepreneur, husband, father, etc.

Excited About The Future!

I am excited about a lot of things… but maybe most excited about a membership group called The Tribe. I am starting this in December. For $20 a month, you can be a part of Zooms calls and get connected to a tribe of like-minded coaches who are in pursuit of transforming themselves, their leadership, and their program.



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