Is Your Joy and Happiness Always in the Future?

For most of us, our tendency is to make joy and happiness a future thing and not a right-now thing.

We believe that if our spouse would ________, we will be happy.
If I get _______ in our professional life, we will be happy?
If our kids _____________, I will be happy.
If I can achieve __________, I will be happy.

Because of this belief, we rarely have joy and happiness.

Even if you achieve/get what you were hoping and praying for…by the time you get it, you will be in the future again, thinking something else will give you happiness and joy.

There are several reasons I want to encourage you to be aware of your propensity to think that joy and happiness is a future thing.


Over the last month, I have tried to be keenly aware of my future joy habit. I have tried to be more present and be more aware of being happy and joy-filled now…regardless of the situation I am in.

Doing this has had a great effect on me. I am more content (that does not mean you stop trying to grow and be your best!), I am more at peace, and I am better in all areas…I’m a better coach to coaches, I am a better friend, spouse and parent.


Those people who exude joy and happiness are magnetic. People are drawn to them.

If leadership is influence, then to be present and happy now, is not only good for inner peace and health, but it is also good for our leadership.

I don’t know about you, but someone who is present, socially aware, and exudes joy, is someone I want to be around.

The best way to grow out of this habit is to simply start with being aware of actually believing the future joy lie. Don’t beat yourself up over it, just simply recognize when it is happening.

It is amazing what being aware of this will do over a couple of weeks. Simply be aware then intentionally be present. Be aware of the fact that you can be happy and joyful…NOW…in the present.


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