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6 Proven Principles For Winning Influence & Helping People Reach New Heights

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If you’d like to know some simple ways to win influence with your student-athletes, so that you can help them be all they can be both in sport and in life, then here’s how the college coaches I work with are doing it.

And how you can too, using the special free gift I have for you today.

My name is Travis Wyckoff.

I coached college baseball for 11 years.  Prior to that I played college baseball at Wichita State. And after my college career, I played three years in the minor leagues with the Miami Marlins. Having played and coached at the highest levels myself, I currently consult with coaches and their staffs at all NCAA levels, all over the country, helping them improve every aspect of their programs.

Here’s why this is important for you:

Coaches today have many challenges…

⚠️ Finding the encouragement, resources, and reminders to help you be a coach who is evolving with the times and having maximum impact on your athletes

⚠️ Knowing how to connect with and motivate your players and staff and develop winning programs on and off the field

⚠️ Developing a strong, focused, and winning culture in an age of distractions

⚠️ Connecting and breaking through to this new generation of student athletes

So, to help you with the above, I want to gift you with a FREE digital copy of my eBook:

The Coaching Core

6 Proven Principles For Winning Influence And Helping People Reach New Heights


This book is for any coach looking to grow not only as a leader, but in your personal life too.

And at a tightly-packed 16 pages, you can read it right now and start using these principles as soon as today to help your program and your players excel.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn in the book:

  • Why kids today have changed on the surface but are still the same at their core (This is not to say that we should ignore the challenges and temptations that kids face these days.  But some principles transcend generational differences…) p.1
  • Two common mistakes many coaches make that will train-wreck your ability to lead!   P.2
  • Three keys to building and sustaining trust with people in your program (Because of repeated abuses of power over the years and a greater awareness of these abuses, many people today actually start off by NOT trusting.  Here’s how to overcome the internet age’s trust “deficit”!) p.5
  • The single biggest threat to your leadership and your power to create buy-in (Warning: if you’re not careful, this will limit your leadership or even torpedo it!  Yet this is what happens in programs all the time.) p.3
  • Fastest known way to reveal where your vision and communication are falling short (You will know instantly in what areas you need more knowledge, or clearer communication) p.4
  • Two “no-sweat, no-brainer” ways to bring more clarity to a drill, a new offense, or the big picture of your program (Use these today to paint a more vivid picture of what you want your team to do!) p.4
  • A simple question you must ask yourself to avoid sending mixed signals to people in your organization (Mixed signals and small misalignments – even unintentional ones – can destroy your chances of creating buy-in. Here’s an easy way to prevent this!) p.6
  • Two “non-negotiables” you must have in order to help your players succeed at a high level (It’s impossible for people to reach their full potential if they do not experience both of these under your coaching.) p.7
  • A “can’t miss” way to stick out, gain connection, and win influence (Do this today and you’ll be amazed at what happens!) p.8
  • One of the best things ANY leader can do to create a culture of growth (You’ll quickly blast through sticking points and develop a strong team-wide sense of commitment!) p.9
  • Two massively important keys to leadership (Every single good leader I know does these two things well.) p. 3
  • Perhaps the simplest way ever invented to inspire people! (This simple skill can easily be learned and never comes across as “try-hard” or contrived!) P.10
  • 7 leadership mistakes that shatter trust and cost you credibility! (And millennials are especially sensitive to these!) p.12
  • Easy-to-use “checklists” for each of the 6 pillars of influence (This takes all the guesswork out of using these principles!) p.13
  • And much, much more!

That’s just a taste of what you’re getting free when you download the eBook today.

There’s no fluff or theory in The Coaching Core.

Each one of these principles is 100% proven and actionable.

You can use them as soon as today to motivate your players and build your program.

Let me repeat:

This Report Is 100% FREE!

There is nothing to buy and no strings attached.

“If The Report Is So Great, Why Is It Free?”

Good question!

Here’s why:

Between coaching college baseball and the consulting I do now, I spent six years on a church staff. Those six years were the greatest growth years of my life. 

I worked for a guy named Rodney Hobbs and he developed me in areas that I had never been developed in before; self-awareness, winning influence, leading people without a paycheck, having hard conversations, running effective meetings, time management, energy management, on and on I could go...  

I want to be a massive value add to college coaches like Rodney Hobbs was to me.

So I have a laser-like focus on developing, equipping, and resourcing college coaches. And oh, hey…that’s you! 😉

The Catch

I have no plans to sell this report.

However, there is a chance that soon I will make it part of a larger, more detailed course that would NOT be free, at which point I’ll need to pull this page down and this offer will be discontinued.  Maybe forever.

So since you’re here now, why not grab your FREE copy today?

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I remember what it was like to be in your shoes.

We tend to invest so much in our players that we often don’t invest time in ourselves.

Don’t make that mistake!

Grab your FREE copy of The Coaching Core right now:

To Your Success,
-Travis Wyckoff


P.S. I really couldn’t make this any easier for you…

These are principles, tips, and strategies for motivating players and building a winning culture that are working RIGHT NOW for the programs I consult with.

And they’re yours FREE.

Read them today.

Use them tomorrow.

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What People Are Saying About Travis Wyckoff...

“Challenges me to be a better leader”

I am unbelievably lucky to have the opportunity to work with Travis Wyckoff and Kingdom Coaching. His mentorship and leadership training has been instrumental in my development. The ability to work with Travis, who has played and coached at the highest level, challenges me to be a better leader.  I highly recommend for you to get outside of your comfort zone, partner with Travis and invest in yourself."

-Spencer Allen
Head Baseball Coach
Northwestern University

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