Do people experience you as authentic?

I am drawn to authentic people.

I think most people are drawn to and recognize when someone is authentic.

So what are the characteristics of authentic people?

– Authentic people are comfortable in their own skin.

– Authentic people are honest in their assessment of themselves.

– Authentic people are not afraid to admit when they are wrong or don’t know something.

– Authentic people don’t self-promote or self-protect.

– Authentic people don’t use jargon to impress others (or to hide their insecurities).

– Authentic people know their true identity. They then take their identity into the ‘room’ with them as opposed to getting their identity from the ‘room’.

You can grow in your authenticity. It is not a fixed trait.

Start by inviting someone close to you to tell you if you have the above characteristics. If the answer is no, begin the journey of growing in those areas that are lacking!

It is really hard to lead from an inauthentic place.


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