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Coaching Staffs

Every coaching plan is customized to each coach. I am here to serve you!


Q. Why Coaching? 

A. Coaches help those they are coaching reach levels that they otherwise wouldn't be able to reach on their own. Because of this, high-level athletes, performers, and executives work with coaches.

Programs or organizations rise and fall with leadership. If you want to grow your program and take it to the next level, you must grow yourself!


Q. How often are the coaching sessions? 

A. Coaching sessions are either weekly or every other week.


Q. What does staff coaching look like? 

A. When I work with a staff, I spend time with the whole staff as well as with individual staff members.


Q. How long do you work with each coach? 

A. I have worked with some coaches for 2+ years and with some for 6 months.


Q. What do you cover during the coaching sessions? 

A. I want the coach to drive the agenda. I am not the one who drives the agenda. I want to add value and help where ever they are at. However, the coaches that I work with want to grow and get better so I also want to equip and resource them. 


Q. What resources do you use to equip/develop?

A. I have several playbooks I have developed: Personal Development Playbook, Staff Development Playbook, Cultural Development Playbook and Spiritual Development Playbook.


Q. How are cohorts formed?

A. Cohorts, or small groups right now are being formed organically. Please let me know if you are interested in joining a small group of coaches.


Q. Why Travis

A. First I would say that I am not for everyone. The perfect client for me is someone who is passionate about growing, loves to learn and recognizes that they don't have it all figured out.

I have been gifted to connect with people and help them see themselves more clearly as well as help them identify how they can be better leaders and coaches. Much of this is done by asking good questions and helping the coach think in ways that they have not done before.

Having coached, I am also able to identify with the stress & strains and help them navigate those.


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