Can You Have Success on the Field/Court If You Don’t Have Elite Gifts?

What seems like a difference in talent often comes down to a difference in focus. Focus turns good performers into great performers. Two keys to focus are saying no to distractions and working on the same problem for an uncommonly long time. Both are simple but not easy.” – Farnam Street Blog

I love this quote.

High achievers seem to be more focused than average achievers. The focus is often on learning, growing and being the best coach/leader for your student-athletes.

Let me share a quick story about my friend John Mayer. John is the beach volleyball coach at Loyola Marymount and is self-proclaimed as ‘just a normal guy’.

As I’ve gotten to know him, his one superpower is he is focused on growing and getting better. He is constantly researching how to be a better leader/coach. And it shows.

He has built LMU beach volleyball into a really, really good program. His team finished third in the nation this year.

The good news for all of us is we too can develop the superpower of focus.

To use the first sentence of the quote from above…what seems like a difference in talent for John Mayer is really just a difference of focus!

The difference between the really good and average is often not an issue of gifts…it is often an issue of focus.

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