Alignment Story

I received a call from Rick, a head coach.

He felt good about where his program was but was looking to take another step in the right direction. He was beginning his second year and wanted to continue to progress.

We decided to spend time looking into the alignment of his program. So we started the several week process of locating any areas in the program that were misaligned. Or in other words, we wanted to see if people, process, or messaging was misaligned.

Our assessment revealed two areas that needed to be addressed.

The first alignment issue was a lack of clarity in expectations for both the student-athletes as well as the staff. The second area of misalignment was personal alignment with one staff member.

We set out to work by bringing more clarity and having hard conversations to address issues within his staff.

All misalignment will lead back to the leader. Rick did the hard work necessary to get his program aligned and operating at a high level.

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Travis Wyckoff

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