Aligning Standards & Expectations

Alignment of Expectations and Standards 

Last week I wrote about the importance of personal alignment. Making sure your actions are aligned with your beliefs and values.

This week I want to dive into making sure there is alignment with your standards and expectations.

As a leader, it is paramount that you bring radical clarity to the expectations and standards in your program.

Ask yourself, “Am I clear on what the expectations and standards are? Like really clear? And have I done and am I doing a good job of constantly and consistently communicating the standards of this program?”

I sometimes get the feeling when talking about this issue that coaches nod their heads and just want to get to bigger and better things.

Elite coaches do a great job of making sure their expectations and standards are crystal clear.

Don’t skip this step. Be great at clarifying expectations and standards!

When a leader is not clear on expectations and standards, chaos and confusion reign. A lack of clarity undermines performance, trust, and a healthy culture.

This sounds super obvious. But it is not totally abnormal for there to be vagueness in expectations and standards.

By making sure there is clarity and you are modeling the standards as a leader, you have the building blocks to a successful environment.


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