The bridge 

Connecting the Kingdom of God to Everyday Life

The Bridge is designed to help business people connect Kingdom living with everyday life.

The question that gets asked frequently: How can followers of Jesus avoid the disconnect between their faith and their work/careers?

I want to journey with you and help you stay connected to Jesus in the marketplace that God has called you to. Or to put it another way, I want to help you be an elite business person in the Kingdom of God!

The Problem

Christians often live a segmented life. We grind our way through morning devotionals (if we are lucky), then off to work, disconnected from Jesus, and living a sterile, stale, and superficial Christian life.

+ We do a few 'Christian' disciplines during the week but essentially operate separately from Jesus.

+ We fail to know or live out our Kingdom identity.

+ We have a sense that there has to be more to this 'Christian' life than what we are experiencing.

+ We live our lives as though the Spirit is not present with us.

+ We make decisions the same way the world makes decisions.

+ We struggle to love God and love others in a way that reflects Jesus.

Following Jesus is anything but sterile, stale, or superficial. Living in the Kingdom is a radical, life-giving experience of following Jesus and living out our Kingdom identities...wherever the Lord has placed us!

The Solution

Jesus gave us a model and clues on how to live out of our Kingdom identity in the business world. Following Jesus is an adventure. We are designed for a purpose, to fulfill a mission!

During the Bridge, we will explore what Jesus and the scriptures say about how to do business, how abiding in Jesus produces fruit in our lives, what it really looks like to achieve success with a Kingdom perspective and Kingdom principles, and how to know our unique purpose and identity in the Kingdom.

Join The Bridge and let's explore what this looks like and how to do it!

The Details

  • The Bridge meets every Monday morning at 7:00 AM CST.
  • Click on the button below, enter your email address, and then every week you will receive a Zoom link to join the Bridge.
  • You can join with your camera on or off. You can listen in while getting ready for work, on your commute, or making breakfast for the kids. 
  • Each lesson will last approximately 15 minutes.
  • For those who are interested, we will stay on the call after the lesson to answer any questions and/or dive into a discussion.
  • Build connections with other business people or just come for encouragement and equipping.