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Career Transition Coaching

Would you like to be in a career that you are passionate about?

The fear and uncertainty that a career change can bring is normal

Having changed careers twice after the age of 35... I have experienced the fear, uncertainty, doubt, & confusion.

Allow me to partner with you to find fulfillment in Your professional career!

I partner with professionals to help uncover who they really are and where they are meant to be!
The Wyckoffs 2021

Have you had the thought...



+ I feel stuck



+ I am often miserable



+ I'm unfulfilled and feel like I am running in quick-sand.


+ I want a change but I am confused and not even sure where to turn for help.

It doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to spend the rest of your professional life like this!

"If you would like to do something bold with your life, you will have to choose to do something bold on a specific day. There is no perfect day. There is no right time. For the trajectory to change, there has to be one day when you simply make the choice"- James Clear

Would you want to...

+ uncover what makes your 'heart sing'

+ Gain a clear picture of your talents and skillsĀ 

+ Identify the internal constraints that are holding you back

+ Gain insight into how your previous experience can shape your future

+ Understand your true identity

+ Define what you want your next career to look like

I don't tell you what career to choose, I help uncover where you are meant to be.

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