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To Start With...

I have access to the best leaders in college athletics.

I have been blessed to be able to spend time with the best leaders in college athletics in the four years since I started Kingdom Coaching and my podcast, Coaching DNA. This on-going training and access to elite leaders combined with my 11 years of coaching college baseball and six years leading on a church staff has uniquely positioned me to add massive value to coaches and leaders

The general profile of my clients is a leader/coach (both assistant and head) who want to grow. Some have acute struggles and some just want to take the next step in their careers.

Most coaches who I know have some level of unhealth. At different times during my 11 years of coaching, I was stressed, lacked clarity, felt isolated, and just generally needed someone to work with.

If you're currently like I was, just know it doesn't have to be this way. Imagine being really healthy emotionally, physically, and mentally. Imagine having a person to help you see clearly, act as a sounding board, and resource, equip, and develop you to be an elite leader.

How many wins is that worth? How much peace of mind is that worth? How much is that worth to your family?

I'm guessing you'd say it is worth a lot!

I can help get you there! I've been in your shoes having coached for 11 years. My six years as a pastor felt like getting a Ph.D. in human psychology and behavior. That has helped me recognize and deal with problems at a root level and not just the surface issues. And as I mentioned above, I have access to keep learning what makes leaders elite and healthy.

You see that button below that says Click Here? By clicking that button and shooting me a "let's talk soon" message, that will be your first step towards being the leader you want to be and have always thought you could be!

About Travis

My name is Travis Wyckoff. Here is a glimpse into who I am.

Professional Career

  • I started Kingdom Coaching in September of 2017.
  • I am currently working with college coaches and staffs at all NCAA levels (D1, D2, D3).
  • I coached college baseball for 11 years.
  • I coached at:
    • University of Iowa
    • Creighton University
    • Des Moines Area Community College
    • Dallas Baptist University.
  • I played college baseball at Wichita State from 1993-1996.
  • After my college career, I played three years in the minor leagues with the Miami Marlins.
  • I spent six years on staff at Stonegate Church
  • I oversaw leadership development and the group's ministry while at Stonegate.


  • I have been married to my wife Cherice for 21 years.
  • I have three kids, Trevor (19), Cooper (17), and Ellie (14).

Social Media

  • You can follow me on Kingdom Coaching Twitter HERE
  • You can subscribe to my Coaching DNA podcast HERE
  • You can follow me on Instagram HERE
  • You can catch me on Facebook HERE


A Few Thoughts on Leadership

  • Being yourself is a massive key to success.
  • Building trust and bringing clarity might be the two most important aspects of leadership.
  • The hardest person to lead is yourself.
  • Most people will not do the simple, small disciplines every day to grow into an elite leader.

My Favorite books (Click on the link to view):

  • Intangibles
  • Trillion Dollar Coach
  • Super Thinking- The Book of Mental Models
  • Surprised By The Power Of The Spirit
  • Behind The Bench
  • InsideOut Coaching
  • Energy Leadership
  • Mental Models by Farnam Street
  • Pebble of Perception
  • Thinking Fast and Slow


  • I love to read and hang with my family.
  • I like to work out. Not too much though. And no running!
  • I don't hunt or fish and I absolutely do not camp. (Maybe the craziest idea ever)

The best article I have read lately

Favorite Podcast (short description)

  • Coaching DNA (No explanation needed, Phenomenal podcast)
  • The Knowledge Project (Don't tell people what to think, teach them how to think)
  • Emotionally Healthy Leader Podcast (How to be a great and healthy leader)
  • Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast (Gives some really good leadership nuggets)
  • Coach Your Brains Out (Good friend John Mayer host and has great guest!)
  • That Will Never Work (Entrepreneur podcast)

Things I Think

  • Writing helps my thinking. Writing is the quickest way to reveal how little I know about a particular subject.
  • Leadership/coaching is really hard.
  • Playing the long game is better than short game.
  • I need time to sit in silence and solitude.
  • Your kids will do more of what you do than what you say.
  • Elite leaders are gifted but maybe even more than that, they are super intentional...intentional with people, growth, & creating a great environment in their program.
  • There are unbelievable leaders at all levels of college athletics.
  • To be really present with people is not normal and can make a big impact.
  • Growth requires tension.
  • Your daily habits determine how you spend your life.
  • The people you hang with determine your life's trajectory.
  • If someone gave me life-changing money where I didn't have to work, I would still want to work with coaches.



I coached college baseball for 11 years… to varying degrees of success. Some years were really good, some were really bad... and everywhere in between.

After I got out of coaching, that is a whole other story in itself, I spent six years on a church staff. Those six years were the greatest growth years of my life. I worked for a guy named Rodney Hobbs and he developed me in areas that I had never been developed in before.

Self-awareness, winning influence, leading people without a paycheck, having hard conversations, running effective meetings, time management, energy management, on and on I could go. And at times he was just a great, wise sounding board. I would go to his office and bounce ideas and questions off of him daily.

I had been around some great coaches and worked for some great AD’s, but I never had in coaching what I had in ministry.

After six years of ministry, I felt led to start a consulting business working with coaches called Kingdom Coaching. I wanted to be a massive value add to college coaches like Rodney Hobbs was to me.

The way the college sports are set up, it is really really hard for a head coach or an AD to do what Rodney Hobbs did in my life.

Knowing the landscape of college athletic departments, I came to realize that in most situations, it takes an outside person with the singular focus to help develop the coaches.

And so I want to be that person. I have a laser-like focus on developing, equipping, and resourcing college coaches. I am convinced everyone needs their Rodney Hobbs.